A functional approach to managing hip and spine disorders in the Athlete

This two-day course is aimed at a wide range of healthcare professionals to enhance their evidence-informed practice in developing clinical, therapeutic, and reasoning skills.

The course focuses on a functional, biomechanical, and biopsychosocial analysis model that can be used as a diagnostic tool to highlight kinetic chain and specific segmental dysfunctions to the spino-pelvic-hip complex.

Date of course: September 25th and 26th November 2023

Time of course: 9 am to 5.30 pm

Venue: Malta

Course Fee: £410

Address: ASOMI College of Sciences, Giorgio Mitrovich Street – Pembroke, PBK 1014

Email: info@acs-college.com

Whatsapp: +356.99.138113

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Course Timetable

Day 1

0930-1100Theory – Functional integrated approach
1125-1245Integrate – managing lumbar facet joint and disc – related pain
1345-1515Integrate – managing lumbar facet joint and disc-related pain continued
1530-1700Integrate – managing SIJ and pubic – related groin pain

Day 2

0930-1100Integrate – managing hip joint – related pain
1125-1245Integrate – managing psoas – related pain
1345-1515Integrate – managing adductor – related pain
1530-1700Integrate – managing lateral hip – related pain
1700-1730Course dispersal