Functional Rehabilitation

Restoring optimal function is the most important factor in eliminating pain and preventing injury. Injuries can occur through trauma, incorrect movement patterns or from repetitive stress. Therefore, evaluating and addressing your cause of pain rather than treating the painful tissues becomes fundamentally important.

Evaluation of your functional movement includes joint and muscle range of motion, muscle strength and endurance, coordination and agility. Once a definitive diagnosis has been established then an appropriate treatment plan, alongside a specialist corrective exercise programme specific to your individual needs and ability can be created.

Such a specialised corrective exercise programme is designed to re-establish optimal strength in specific muscles and appropriate flexibility in others. This will then help to educate and empower you with the knowledge and awareness of how to move correctly and prevent, reduce and minimise the risk of further injury.

The benefit of functional rehabilitation ensures the nervous system works efficiently and appropriately, with the correct muscles activating at the correct time and sequence. Your individual exercise programme is then progressively monitored and adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

Functional rehabilitation should include 3 key aspects