Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex: An integrated approach

On the 21st of November 2022 my first book will be published – Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex: An integrated approach

The book is based on my extensive clinical experience of assessing and treating athletes at all levels. With two decades of experience working in the field of high-performance multi-sports I have refined my clinical reasoning and treatment philosophies which are also based upon lessons I have learnt from challenging the science through a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

This book encompasses a complete management strategy for manual practitioners to use when dealing with ongoing issues pertaining to the spino-pelvic-hip complex. Presenting a strategy aimed at simplifying functional, biomechanical and bio-psychosocial analysis models that can be used as diagnostic tools to highlight kinetic chain and/or specific segmental restrictions in the spino-pelvic-hip complex. In the book I give a rationale for the application of the treatment specific to the needs of the athlete, using the appropriate manual techniques to the lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint that are complemented by strategies for active lifestyle management, incorporating activation techniques and movement control exercises.

Managing the Spino-Pelvic-Hip Complex: an integrated approach complements the courses that the I have developed and deliver. It can also be used as a stand-alone educational tool and will be helpful for any therapist working within the clinical or sporting environment.

I am a registered osteopath, qualified lecturer, published author and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA). My academic qualifications include a PhD in orthopaedics and clinical science, a Master’s degree in sport injury medicine and an honours degree in osteopathy. I am currently Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University; Honorary Lecturer, Swansea University; Researcher, University of Gothenburg.

I am a consultant osteopath to The Football Association and became the first osteopath to be appointed by the FA to work with the England Football team in 2005. I have also acted as consultant osteopath to Chelsea Football Club, Team GB male and female Basketball at the London 2012 Olympics, and Athletics at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, British, European and World Championships. I lecture regularly at medical conferences both nationally and internationally on sports injury medicine and rehabilitation and has over twenty published research papers in peer reviewed journals. I have also designed and delivered my own CPD courses on Functional integrated approaches to managing the athlete.

You can buy the book at anyone of the websites below.